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PCs are complex devices and they need regular maintenance just like your car or any other complex device does. 


Most PCs collect a lot of dust because they contain two or more fans that are constantly drawing air into their cases. This dust collects on components and restricts cooling, causing your PC to overheat. Modern PCs run at very high temperatures. Even in Winter the air inside a PC can be at 45C. In Summer temperatures inside a PC case can be 70C or HIGHER! Any reduction in cooling can cause premature failure and expensive repair costs. Fans in your PC run constantly and can fail without you even being aware until it's too late. We can professionally clean the inside of your PC and identify potential problems before it's too late.


Software in your PC needs maintenance too. During the normal life of your PC additional files that use up hard drive space are created all the time. Many files that are supposed to be temporary end up staying on your hard drive and take up valuable space. Hard drives become fragmented. This can cause your PC to slow right down so it looks like there may be a hardware fault. At PF Technologies we clean up and defragment your hard drive. We remove unnecessary files and check for other problems that slow your PC.

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